About Helena

I transform Executives & Individuals into Champions!

Helena Nyman Web Biz Picture croppedMy passion is helping Business Leaders, Individuals, and Athletes to take their careers to another level – no matter how successful they already are.

I’m able to transform their lives and their businesses through my live events, books, and coaching. I’ve worked with Royalty, the president of a European country, celebrities, athletes and business leaders as well as Individuals that chose to take their lives to the next level.

As a former Coach for Olympic Athletes, I know what it takes to create a winning mindset that pushes through any barriers and challenges the (YOUR) Status Quo.
In my function as a High Performance Expert, I help Organizations and Individuals across America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa creating a Peak Performance Culture, optimal Alignment and Engagement.

Paired with many years of experience helping organizations to create a Peak Performance environment, I have developed a 7-step trademarked framework that takes your organization smoothly from the diagnostic to the Peak Performance culture. Each step is tailored and personalized to your needs.

Helena currently serves as an Advisory Board Member of the International Business Council



Global Artemis Award Honoree 2009
Women’s Hall of Fame Inductee 2009
National Academy of Bestselling Authors Award Honoree 2013
Bestselling Author 2013
Editor’s Choice Award for ‘Against the Grain’ 2013
International Bestselling Author 2015



Master Certified Success/Executive Coach (Coaching Credentials in Europe, Canada and USA)
Certified Business Coach
Master Certified Coach Trainer
Member of the Fortune 100 Coaches Group
Researches and Studies in Human Behavior
Certificate: The Welch Way Change Management



Platinum Sponsor for Dr. Czerniecki’s Cancer Vaccine Research (www.PenniesinAction.org)